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Friday, January 4, 2013

Christmas as a SAHM

I was worried that being a SAHM would make the holidays seem a little less special.  I'm already home all day with the kids, and that's what I usually appreciate about Christmas.  I'm not really huge into decorating.  We always add some Christmas cheer to our house, but it doesn't take over our house.  I started to put pressure on myself to have the perfect Christmas.  After all, as a SAHM, that's my job, right?  To make sure all holidays are super spectacular.  When the flu hit all three of my kids the week before Christmas, I quickly got over that and I'm glad I did.

This Christmas was extra special for me because I got to truly enjoy my family!  That's right.  There was no rushing home from work to play with the kids and then staying up until midnight making goodies or wrapping presents.  I didn't avoid doing housework during the day so I could spend every minute with my kids.  I took care of my chores throughout the day and wasn't worried about soaking up every second with my kids.  It was far more relaxing for me.  And the icing on the cake was that my husband was home for almost two weeks.  He worked a tiny bit from home, but was mostly just here with us.  It was wonderful.  We were all relaxed and laughed and SLEPT!  The kids actually began sleeping in until 8.  That has made the transition back to school a little difficult, but it was awesome all the same.

I guess the biggest difference was that the stress was gone.  I didn't have the "I have a ton to do when I get back" stress.  I didn't have the "I'll never get all of this done" stress.  I got to enjoy my family and have a little vacation myself.

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