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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Argh... why is it so hard?!?!?

Three weeks in and I've managed to lose two pounds and gain them right back.  I promise I have been good.  This week I did eat a few cookies, but really I've eaten well.  I haven't eaten too much food at meals and I've exercised.  It's so not fair!  This morning all I wanted to do was crawl back under the covers and cry; which I did for about 5 minutes until it was time to be mom again.  It's nice to have the distraction.  I've been telling myself all the usual lines to make me feel better.  The weight gain is really muscle because of the exercise.  It's a metabolism issue or some other thing.  It's difficult to maintain confidence and determination, but this weight is coming off.  I don't care if I have to run 5 miles a day.  I was afraid I would pig out today as per my usual method of healing, but I did well.  I even ate one of those health wraps for lunch.  No matter how stubborn this weight is, it's coming off!

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