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Friday, November 30, 2012

A well deserved break

What a Thanksgiving!  It was truly relaxing and fun.  Because I am a SAHM now, I was worried about never getting a vacation again.  But this last week, I really got a chance to "get away" from my job.

My mother-in-law came to celebrate with us.  She played with the kids while I got things done (or did nothing).  It was awesome!  I have to admit I was pretty bad about letting my husband do the lion's share of work with the kids too.  I laid in bed in the morning until my husband got up to take care of the baby.  I even slept until 8AM a couple of mornings.  He put the kids to bed almost every night and made the kids lunch most days.  It was super nice to not be the primary care giver all day long.  I was able to get some house work done and relax.  And I mean really relax.

My kids have really benefited as well.  I'm much calmer with them and have been way more patient.  I feel a little more like myself and a lot less frazzled.  I feel bad that my husband spent his time off catering to the kids, but I think he'll forgive me.  I am very excited to have discovered that it is possible to get some extended time off from being a SAHM without leaving the house.

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