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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Could it get any worse?

I used to think the worst thing that could happen when my husband was out of town was for me to get sick.  The only thing worse than that, would be if I was sick and wrenched my back while attempting to be "more active" with yoga.  But now that I think about it, I think it would be worse if I was sick with a wrenched back and my oldest was getting over the flu.  And not just getting over the flu, but needed to do make-up work while a book report project was due.  What would make that worse is if my son suddenly became uncharacteristically sick with a high fever.  A week alone would only be more difficult if my poor baby got lonely, because I had to pay so much attention to the other two, that she wanted to be constantly held by me.  And then of course that coupled with carrying my sick 3 year old around would cause my back to hurt even worse.  The absolute last thing that could make a week more of a disaster is if my dog got ill with painful trembling and stopped eating; making me concerned that the poor old dog was dying from heart disease.  Of course, if the dog vomited his medicine all over my carpet that might be worse.  

But seriously, what are the chances that my husband would be out of town, I would be sick and hurt my back, my oldest would be getting over the flu and have a lot of school work to finish, while my son runs a 101 F fever, the baby wants to be held constantly and the dog is crazy sick and might be dying?  It seems like the odds of all that happening would be very low.  And there's no way all that would happen while I was trying to juggle getting windows fixed and insulation installed.  

Today I am tired, but I feel like Super Woman.  If I can survive all that, I can truly do ANYTHING!  I might go buy a lottery ticket.

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