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Monday, October 22, 2012

Updated Con List

I guess I should update the con list.  Honestly, I'm a little scared to think about what the cons are because I'm just starting to get really comfortable and to embrace my new role.  But if I ignore the cons, they'll sneak up on me and cause all sorts of trouble.

Cons to being a Stay-at-home mom (as written in February):

1 - Loss of money.  While my paycheck was not huge, it was helpful.

This has been a more difficult con than I realized. Yes, we save money because we don't have daycare and we don't pay as much for gas.  However, adjusting to a 1/3 decrease in available income has been challenging.  I'm learning to look for more deals and I do as much free as I can.  I've even started filling out surveys that are listed on receipts I get from stores.  Every bit helps.

2 - Lack of mental stimulation.  I'm sure I will have plenty to do as a SAHM and I LOVE my kids.  Our concern is that I'm used to designing complex experiments while helping several others troubleshoot theirs.  I am used to getting 12 hours worth of work done in 8.  Adjusting to a  less hectic pace could be difficult.

While I don't think this has been too much of a problem, I'm sure it will creep up eventually.  Right now I'm so busy just trying to keep up with life, I'm happy just to have enough time to write this blog.  It takes work to eek out enough time to check email.  I certainly have plenty of opportunities to multi-task.  The difficulty is getting others in my family to go along with MY plans.

3 - Husband working too much.  It's possible that my husband may inadvertently become less involved with the family.  He may feel less guilt working late because I'm home to take care of the children.

This has definitely happened, but I'm not sure it has anything to do my staying home.  My husband is just good at his job and has been given many more responsibilities.  For that reason it has become extremely helpful that I stay home.  With that said, my husband has in no way shirked on his fatherly duties.  He's incredible and I'm very lucky and our kids are very blessed to have him.

4 - Booty expansion.  I am currently 7 months pregnant so the desire to sit in my perfect ugly blue recliner could over come me and I will just eat and watch Sprout with my son.  I put on enough weight when I'm pregnant (60-80 lbs), so the last thing I need is less activity.

Well, I've lost much of the weight I gained, but not all of it.  There is certainly no loss of activity as a SAHM.  I'm on my feet all day.  The problem is finding the time to get a really high intensity work out.  Also, I'm around food all day.  My pantry is full and it's difficult to resist.  It's not like I have a bunch of crap.  Most of the food we have is healthy.  There's virtually no sugar.  I munch on chocolate chips to get a chocolate fix; which as a SAHM with a traveling husband is often necessary.  I might just have to stock less food.

5 - I am the teacher.  Yikes!  This could go either way.  Staying at home means I will be responsible for teaching our children shapes, colors, numbers, ABCs, etc.  I've always relied on others to do that and I have NO idea how I'm going to be able to do it.  I'm not exactly known for my patience.

I have been moderately successful at teaching my son some letters.  He can almost spell his name.  We do worksheets and talk about stuff.  I haven't done great, but we're making progress.

Here are some new cons
6 - I really have far less time for me.  It seems really odd that staying home would give me less time to do things that I want to do.  The infant is part of that issue and as she gets older and establishes a more consistent routine my time will free up a little.  I struggle with feeling like I'm on duty 24 hours a day.  Sometimes it gets overwhelming.

7 - My son needs more friends.  I take him on regular play dates, but I think he really aches for more friend time.  I'm fun, but I can't and won't play with him all day.  He's definitely going to an all day preschool next year, but I think we may need to find him something else in the interim.

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